JV Holiday Pvt Ltd, Cochin, India is a professionally run Indian package tour management organization functioning under the Indian companies act. As a comprehensive hospitality service solutions provider, JV Holidays is capable of delivering competitive and quality driven travel programs that suits the requirement of each guest.

We specialize in providing the entire gamut of travel-related services. Under this umbrella, we offer ready-made tour packages and even allow you to develop a customized tour program, based on your preferences. In a nutshell, professionalism and personalized attention are our key thrust.

What we do?
JV Holidays offer complete tour consultancy services and package tour programs in a professional and competitive manner and we are sure to set a standard in service quality.

Tour Consultancy
Assist the Corporate / Groups / Individuals to find out a suitable tour package that fits in their interests.

Package Tour

Customized tour packages famous Indian tour destinations. We have a specially designed all India Tour, South Indian tour, Kerala tour, Backwater tour, Beach Tour, Houseboat tour, Hill Station tour, Business tour, Study tour, Incentives tour, Corporate travel, Home stay tour, Group tour, ladies Tour, Students tour, Medical tour, Wedding tour & Honeymoon tour packages in budget,, Deluxe and Luxury classes.

We, JV Holidays Pvt Ltd, Cochin, Kerala, India offer various tour packages with competitive price and qualitative service.


Ayurveda is harmony of body, mind and soul. Ayurveda evolved around 600 BC. in India. This new system of medicine stressed on the prevention of body ailments in addition to curing them. Followed by the Dravidians and Aryans alike, Ayurveda has been practised ever since. Today, it's a unique, indispensable branch of the medicine - a complete naturalistic system that depends on the diagnosis of body - vata, pitta and kapha - to achieve the right balance.

Ayurveda treatment is not just for the part of the body, but the individual as a whole. This is a natural way to refresh the body, eliminate the toxic imbalances and regain the resistance and good health.

Kerala, the Land of Ayurveda.
Kerala's equable climate, natural abundance of herbs & medicinal plants, availability of experts and the cool monsoon season (June to July and October to November) are strength of the Ayurveda in Kerala. These facilities enable to deliver curative and restorative ayurveda packages in Kerala. Traditional texts reveal that the monsoon is the best season for rejuvenation programmes. The atmosphere remains dust-free & cool, opening the pores of the body to the maximum, making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.

Ayurveda treatments systems offer Panchakarma in all the major ailments in general and Fibromyalgia, Low Back ache, Rheumatism, Parkinsonism, Headache, Psoriasis, Menstrual disorders in particular. Ayurveda provides all type of therapies with special emphasis on Kerala unique techniques. All the therapies supervised by the experienced hands for the earliest recovery with legitimacy. Special therapy for Stress, Obesity and Anxiety, Rejuvenation, Detoxifications and de-addiction are also available.

Slimming Program
According to Ayurveda, continuous indulgence in high fat food, fried items etc., along with sedentary life-style leads to excess accumulation of body fat which gets struck in the numerous body channels. This condition is associated with irregular appetite, hypertension, diabetics and many other metabolic disorders.

Ayurveda treatment programs can cut down the excess fat, to correct the irregular metabolism and to clear the body channels. Deep dry massages with herbal powders and paste, synchronized massage with specific oils, steam bath etc. mobiles the accumulated the fat, whereas, specially designed diet program prevent its further accumulation. Along with these, the physician based on the requirements of the individuals also advice appropriate Panchakarma therapies.

Rejuvenations and detoxification
A happy and comfortable old age is the fruit of well spent childhood, youth and middle age. However, old age brings along with many health problem like constipation, indigestion, sleeplessness, exhaustion, wrinkled skin, diminishing sensory faculties etc.

The rejuvenation therapies like Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi etc. strengthen the system, invigorate the immunity and impart freshness in the body. Panchakarma therapies relive constipation and correct digestion. Siradhara done over the head nourishes the head, which is the abode of all the sense organs. On the whole, these treatments prevent old age health problems and bring back the harmony of mind, body and soul.

Stress and Anxiety Relief
Modern times are the age of stress and strain. The fast life is the exciting as wells as overtaxing. The holistic approach of Ayurveda tackles these hazards in its own natural way. It focuses on the impact of the mind on body, and vice versa. Carefully planned programs such as special soothing massages, sirodhara etc works at the physical level to sooth the aching muscles and tensed nerves.

Conference Tour

Kerala is a perfect destination for Meetings, Conference, and Conventions & Incentive Travel in attractive style. In search of exotic venue for speeches, seminars, workshops and conference, Kerala naturally qualifies as a top in choice. Also, Kerala is a low expensive destination for meetings and conferences.

Kerala is a fast growing destination of corporate meetings and leisure place to motivate the employees. As long most of main meeting venues are close to tour destination, it is easy to manage meeting and leisure tour together without much travel. Style and variety of the venue also an empowering factor to conduct conference / convention in Kerala. In terms of facilities and cost, all relevant facilities are available in Kerala with very competitive price.

Popular Conference / Meeting Venues in Kerala & Agatti.

  • » Conference / Meeting in Agatti Island Beach Resort
  • » Conference / Meeting in Back Water Resorts
  • » Conference / Meeting in Alleppey / Kumarakom Houseboat
  • » Convention Centre in Cochin
  • » Business Hotel in Cochin
  • » Munnar Hill Stations, Thekkady Hill Station
  • » Conference / Meeting in Munnar Tea Estate
  • » Conference / Meeting near to Jungle / Forest
  • » Meeting / Conference in Back Water Resort
  • » Kovalam Convention Center

Our conference / Meeting packages covers arrival & departure assistance, Venue arrangements, Accommodations, Transportations, Meals, Stationeries & Audio-Visuals, Leisure programs etc.. in professional manner. We specialized in combining business with leisure in pleasant, professional and attractive manner. As a comprehensive package provider, JV Holidays Pvt Ltd, Cochin, Kerala, India offers realistic consultation in this regard.

Houseboat Cruise

The spectacular beauty of the Kerala backwaters and houseboat cruise are an amazing holiday experience of India tourism. This natural tourism provides the facility to celebrate the family gathering, honeymoon, special event etc. Also, the traveller can watch colourful life of the villages in Kerala

In yester decades, country boats were used for the inland transportation in Kerala. Development of roads, bridges and motor transport vehicles pull out the houseboat from the daily life. of the Kerala. These days, country boats / kettuvallams renovated as a houseboat and using for back water cruise tourism. Gradually, Kerala houseboat cruise became one of the thrilling tourism attractions in India.

House boat - about 67 to 100 feet in length and around 18 feet to in the middle. Wood- " Anjili", Eco friendly bamboo poles, coconut fibber ropes, bamboo mats and coir carpets using to build a houseboat.

The house boats have fully furnished air-conditioned bed room (01 bed room – 07 bed room) attached with toilets plus sundeck, balcony with comfortable chairs and kitchen. Houseboat has crew members - chef, driver & cabin assistants. The cuisine with traditional Kerala flavour having local specialties including delicious fresh water and sea fish.

Lakshadweep Islands Cruise
One of world's most spectacular tropical island systems, Lakshadweep is tucked away at 220-440Kms off the Kerala Coast. The islands offer a precious heritage of ecology and culture. The unique feature of the Islands is its coral reef, making it a pristine leisure spot in 4,200 sq. kms. of lagoon, rich in marine wealth spread over 36 islands. The underwater view at Lakshadweep is kaleidoscopic and breathtaking. The lagoon offers excellent potential for water sports like swimming, wind-surfing, diving, snorkelling and kayaking.

The crystal clear water and the abundant marine life enhance the beauty of these islands. The huge shallow calm lagoon on one side with wall like reef made of marine live coral boulders blocks the incoming swells of the outer sea. Ships operate between Cochin and Lakshadweep and 14 to 18 hours to cover the distance. (flights also, available from Indian main land.) The island tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore. Nights are spent on board the ship. Swimming, snorkelling and other water sports are arranged during the day' tour.

Wedding Tour

Wedding is a special moment in the life. Today, a wedding does not only mean a formal ceremony; there are many concepts in wedding like, Beach weddings, Hill station weddings, Waterfall weddings, Houseboat weddings, Garden weddings, Back water cruise wedding etc. We offer, many colourful marriage celebration package to mark the wedding day.

Kerala offers the opportunity of tying the knot in amidst a natural setting. It is also famous for its cuisine and sunset views. There are a number of destinations in this region offering a classy celebration of marriage. Featuring intimate inns to private villas and exclusive resorts sets an ideal stage of romance and tying the knot.

We offer many options in wedding location according to the vision and desire of the bride and groom. Our customized packages officers wedding ceremony at Beachfront, Houseboat, Backwater side, Forest, Tea Estate, Hill Station, Churches, Temples, Villages, Cochin, Kovalam, Agatti, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey/ Alappuzha, Kumarakom and Cherai with world class facilities including cuisine, music, accommodation, entertainment, etc.

It surely feels great to tie the knot against the scenic background; so long, you have dreamt of a fairy tale marriage. Plan your wedding ceremony in Kerala to experience a grand affair of a lifetime.

We, JV Holidays Private Limited, Cochin, Kerala, India providing romantic tropical and themed wedding and honeymoon tours in attractive manner. Our wedding packages covers:


  • » Free Wedding Consultation
  • » Personal Onsite Coordinator
  • » All planning and coordination of ceremony
  • » Accommodation
  • » Transportation


  • » Marriage Officer (non-denominational)
  • » Processing of documents
  • » Marriage License
  • » Marriage Certificate


  • » Wedding Location
  • » Ceremony area decoration
  • » Beautiful bouquet for bride
  • » Matching boutonniere for groom
  • » Decorated table
  • » Wedding March
  • » Multi cuisine dinner
  • » Photographer / Video Grapher

Accommodation & Transportation

JV Holidays Pvt. Ltd., Cochin, Kerala, INDIA offers wide range accommodation & transportation facilities in major tour destination in India including Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Goa, Bangalore, Ooty, Mysore, Kodaikanal, Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kovalam, Vythiri, Cherai , Lakshadweep, Agatti and Madurai.

In Kerala, we offer an attractive accommodation options in hill station, beach, backwater, houseboat with competitive price and better service. We can provide home stays and Ladies group accommodation facilities in comfortable manner. Accommodation price may vary season to season. We offer Hotels, Resorts, Home stays, Apartments, Heritage houses, Houseboats in budget, deluxe and luxury class. Also, we offer various transportation services in attractive price:


  • » Budget Rs. 1,500 / USD 35 Onwards
  • » 3 Star Deluxe Rs. 3,500 / USD 80 Onwards
  • » 4 Star Deluxe Rs. 4,500 / USD 105 Onwards
  • » 5 Star Luxury Rs. 6,500 / USD 150 Onwards


  • » Hill Resort Rs. 6,000 / USD 140 Onwards
  • » Backwater Resort Rs. 6,500 / 150 Onwards
  • » Beach Resort Rs. 8,000 / USD 185 Onwards


  • » Deluxe Rs. 6,000 / USD 140 Onwards
  • » Premium Rs. 8,000 / USD 185 Onwards
  • » Double Occupancy on twin sharing
  • » Price subject to the season

Transportation Services

  • » Chartered Flight
  • » Chartered Helicopter
  • » 35 Seater Ac Bus
  • » 45 Seater Non-Ac Bus
  • » 17 Seater Ac Tempo Traveller
  • » 14 Seater Ac Tempo Traveller
  • » 12 Seater Ac Tempo Traveller
  • » 07 Seater Ac innova & Tavera
  • » 04 Seater Ac Car
  • » Houseboat

Winter Stay Accommodation

Kerala is a best place for short / long term accommodation in winter season. When the world undergo through hectic winter with snow fall and cold wind, Kerala is a best alternative place for accommodation in winter season.

Kerala Climate

  • Summer February - May (26 - 34°C)
  • Monsoon June - November (20 - 28°C)
  • Winter November - January (18 - 26°C)

Kerala, a southern province of Indian sub-continent, is well connected with international air routes and easily accessible from any part of the world. A greenery state, Kerala has many beaches, Hill station, Backwater lagoons, Villages for colourful tour programs for a memorable stay in winter season.

English language is commonly spoken in Kerala. Safe and secure social life advanced health care facility, availability of advanced telecommunication and internet facilities, continental foods, self cooking facilities etc are some of the main attraction of short / long stay in Kerala.

Low cost in accommodation and transportation make Kerala as economical destination for travellers. Wide range of budget, deluxe and luxury classes accommodations available on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Popular accommodation facilities in Kerala.

  • » Backwater Resorts
  • » Hill Resorts / Hotels
  • » Home stays in Villages / Towns
  • » Luxury / Deluxe Hotels
  • » Service Apartments
  • » Villa
  • » Apartments

A well furnished apartment for the accommodation of 4 member family with Ac Bedrooms, Self cooking kitchen facilities, Living room and all other relevant amenities available in Rs. 45,000 / USD 1,000 onwards for per month.

We, JV Holidays Pvt Ltd offer friendly, trustworthy and professional service for your comfortable and pleasant stay. We can offer our service to find out suitable accommodation, Plan excursions and other activities. As a local point of service, we are available on round the clock.


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